13 June 2011 @ 10:42 pm
NashCon 2011: Um, what?  
I'm was going to make my con report short and sweet. Mostly because everyone has already said it better and they have pictures to prove they were there. All I have are the two mostly washed-out vids of the J2 and Misha panels. But then I got wordy. As I do.

In summary: wherein I drank a gallon of amaretto sour, walked several miles of the hotel, watched Creation and Gaylord have a collective conniption fit when Misha decided to take his Meet and Greet on walkabout, and Jared got a twitter.

Thursday night we howled at the moon )

Friday was a day of waiting )

Saturday made me glad that indoor electric fences are not practical. )

Sunday was the day we walked greenhoused gardens with some dude who plays an angel on the teevee )

I guess my thoughts overall are that I don’t know if I’ll do another Creation con. I don’t plan to pull any punches about this with Creation either, for whatever good it will do. If I do attend next year, I’ll get a GA ticket and spring for more of the special events.

Problem is, I don’t think they get it. They invite the wrong guests (um, charming as Brock can be when he loosens up a little, why is he attending every con from now until forever?), pair the wrong guests up, and they instill such a sense of urgency to everything it stresses people out. Mostly because they’ve oversold the events and photo ops in a bid to Make More Money. The overseas cons (from what I can tell) don’t do it this way and so everyone is more relaxed, happier, freer to roam as they like. I mean, these guys are adults, they know what their job is for the weekend. They’re going to circulate to each table eventually if they’re allowed to do so. Creation is too involved. They babysit the stars to the point of suffocation and it’s really NOT necessary most of the time. Sure, have security standing by if things get out of hand, but there’s no need for staff to hover like particularly persistent locusts. Not that I have a problem with any of them. The staff at NashCon was awesome (save a solitary exception that nearly required face-punching), they were just too...present. I guess that’s an American thing in and of itself though.

Anyway. It was strange. Good, but strange. There were no moments of giddy glee like I’ve had even through ridiculous con vids, but I don’t know if that was me or the con itself. I suspect it was the con. And dear lord in heaven I'm tired just typing all that so...time for bed. Seriously.

ETA: Okay, I take the no-giddy-glee back. Because I distinctly remember emailing [ profile] elizah_jane after I cleared the door of my Jared op and literally describing the color and shape of the hearts in my eyes. Because OMG, I was NOT a huge Jared girl before this con. Now I want to ruffle his hair and make him food. Which, okay, yes. Oddly maternal for such a ridic specimen of manly manhood, but I never said that I make SENSE. He's just so earnest. In conclusion: YAY JARED!