27 May 2011 @ 06:43 pm
My SPN State of the Fangirl - Post S6  
Just so we're clear. And stuff.

I realize that I will be meeting a LOT of new people in a week, and for the sake of my own sanity I wanted to get this all out in the open. See above re: being clear.

  1. I love Supernatural. Probably more than any show ever. That doesn't mean I think it is entirely without fault. I am just willing to give Show the benefit of the doubt most of the time. It has not done me wrong yet. Sometimes it forgets my birthday or calls to tell me it can't make our dinner-date, but it always apologizes with flowers and jewelry and sometimes even cupcakes.

  2. I am not a Dean-girl. Nor am I a Sam-girl. Nor am I a Cas-girl or Gabe-girl or Balthazar-girl. I have no pet character. Most of the time I watch through a Dean lens, but I'm more than happy to admit when he's done something bone-headed or hurtful. I do not let my love for him color my interpretation of Show. Much. Nobody's perfect.

  3. As an extension of the above: I love all the characters - from the most hated to the most beloved to the inanimate. There are a few I have found slightly redundant and a few I have developed an irrational, instinctual eye-roll response to, but mostly I adore them.

  4. I have no pet pairing. I have those I prefer to read over others and those I prefer to write over others, but I don't hate any pairing. There are some I don't understand necessarily, but to each their own.

  5. I enjoyed Season 6. I felt that it was fresh and different. I appreciated the noir underpinnings for what they were. I liked Robo!Sam as much as I loved him coming back to himself. I loved Castiel's arc, watching him slowly unravel under the weight of his responsibility and circumstances he was ill-equipped to handle. And I loved Dean relearning the hunting life and letting go (oh-so-painfully and stupidly and selfishly) of his adopted family.

  6. I hold no grudges, swear no vendettas against any member of the writing or production staff. I think Sera Gamble has done an admirable job with some pretty enormous shoes to fill. I think Kripke did an admirable job when he was running the show. At the end of the day, it's their story to tell and their responsibility to figure out how best to tell it.

  7. This goes without saying for anyone who knows me, but I hate wank. Any wank. All wank. This has not changed.

  8. When it comes to Show, I am an eternal optimist. I have no expectations for Season 7 but that it will be awesome. And I believe that it can do so with whatever cast list the production team chooses to employ.

  9. Subsequently, I will not participate in campaigns to save a character, because I don't personally think they're necessary. I don't want a cast member kept if their presence does not service the story that the SPN team is trying to tell. I don't write that way, and I'd much rather the writers whose work I watch follow the same practices.

  10. Just to reiterate - I LOVE ALL THE CHARACTERS. With the above I am not trying to infer some deep-seated Cas hate, I just have very specific ideas about storytelling and how I prefer to see it done. That's all. I would love to see a redemptive arc for Castiel. But if I don't, that doesn't constitute grounds for a plate-smashing, hair-tugging, punch-throwing break-up with Show for me.

  11. Above all - sanity, understanding, and moderation. I value these things in my fannishness.

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