kriari: (Stock:HotAirBalloon)
kriari ([personal profile] kriari) wrote on May 6th, 2011 at 07:27 pm
Help the South - My Offers

Maybe I'm taking it personally, I don't know. In the last year Mother Nature has had a ridiculous hate-on for the southern states. First the flood in Nashville, then the terrifying ice storm this winter, the tornadoes that tore through Tuscaloosa and Birmingham, and now the historic flooding in Memphis and down through the Delta. So yeah. I'm offering a ton of stuff. Because I am taking it personally even though I've escaped accruing any personal losses.

1. 3 Boxes of Nashville Swag - starts at $10

2. Podficcings - starts at $5

3. 5K of SPN or SPN RPF - starts at $15
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