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kriari ([personal profile] kriari) wrote on April 30th, 2011 at 12:40 am
SPN 6.19 and Fringe 3.FU (21)

I'm trying, valiantly, to organize my thoughts about this. I just don't know if I can yet. Three glasses of wine will do that to a person, or so I'm told.

The Good (I say that as if I have anything but good things to say)
  • It's official. I am in favor of keeping Adam Glass. I liken him to The Goddard. You Buffy peeps know what I mean
  • I find Eve suitably creepy.
  • N'awww. Everything gets put in shotgun shells. Everything.
  • Humor without over-the-topping it. Cas in Dean's ass, whut? Dean bitching that he's always the one to make the call. <3
  • Oh, Lenore/Amber Benson. See, y'all! Goddard for shiz. Continuity is awesome. This was the "Xander totes told Buffy to kill Angel" moment of this episode. Just sayin'.
  • Holy hell. Cas burning Lenore out - expediency is the name of the game girls and boys. Cas is at the end of his rope liek whoa. Y'all. And it's glorious
  • Bobby bitching about the tablet.
  • Cas on lockdown. Dean amuses me. "Now it just looks like you're pooping."
  • Dean! Why so insensitive! "Baby in a trenchcoat?" Dude has fought wars for millennia, yo. He may not know how to use firearms all that well, but I don't know why Dean always assumes powerless!Cas = useless!Cas. Hello, strategy?
  • Burning sensation. :)
  • Cas' impatience with Dean's lock-picking skills! ♥
  • Jared is really fucking tall.
  • N'aww. Boys charging into the fray.
  • Carnage at the bar. Ah, SPN. Sheriff's a mook, but still...
  • Jefferson Starship! Jefferson STARSHIP! My love for Dean Winchester knows no bounds.
  • Sneaky!Dean is my favorite. Next to Snarky!Dean. And Emo!Dean.
  • Dean saving Cas with a machete!
  • Interrogation-timez!
  • You know you're a SPN fan if you see two young boys handcuffed and gagged in a jail cell and your first reaction is: "OMG MAKE SURE THEY'RE NOT MONSTERS!"
  • Orphan sympathies. :( :)
  • Expedient!Cas is expedient. Greater Purpose vs Individual Lives. Castiel has lost sight of what drew him to rebellion. I still believe it's in the name of necessity. He doesn't like to be the way he is, but the war requires it of him.
  • NGL. The "Let us return the orphans to their uncle" scene was a little cheesy for me. I get the why, but the execution was...a little too on the nose.
  • More interrogation. Oh Cas. Honey, your grey is showing. Any means. You just went Jack Bauer on his ass. I respect Jack Bauer.
  • Shotgun shells.
  • STARSHIPS! LOL! Cannot breathe.
  • Obligatory Villain informs Hero of Her Dastardly Plans! *inserts plot device*
  • Yesssssssssssh. I totally expected this. Totally. ADJSKFLJS:LJF. Greater good and regrettable things!!!!
  • I get it, I do. Oh, poor Purgatory-running Momma.
  • I LOVE DEAN SO MUCH! I say again: Sneaky!Dean is maybe my favorite.
  • N'aww. BAMF!Holy!Cas.
  • Jesus. Why don't these boys see it?
  • Cas is a bad lying liar who lies. Is Dean being overly permissive? Believing better of Cas than he should?
  • *gleehands* *gleeface* *gleeeee* OH SPN, I LOVE YOU SO IN THE WAY YOU MAKE ME ACHE SO BEAUTIFULLY.
  • In conclusion, Adam Glass.

I apologize if none of that made sense. Am just a tid-bit tipsy.

My hope is that they treat Cas with respect. Right now I liken him to Eugene from The Pacific. A good man forced to do horrible things because in the face of inconceivable choices. I really think the drive, the expediency extends from him wanting it to just be over so he can go back to being himself. Maybe I'm romanticizing it a bit, but fuck, I don't know. I want to see him deal with the repercussions of what he's done in the interests of maintaining free will.

  • I love Sam. I can't even say why, but I do. Period. Exclamation point.
  • Astrid coaxing Walter to the cafeteria! ♥
  • Walter with his kite! ♥
  • Amnesia!Peter = terrifying and creepy and in need of Liv-cuddles.
  • I have never yelled as Fringe as much as I did with the envelope Peter left, because OMG how could they not know he meant HOME-home.
  • Walter and Astrid drawing patterns and talking about rifts. ♥
  • Olivia being a crowbar!!!!
  • Peter's there are two of you.
  • "Be a better man than your father." *clings and crushes*
  • Olivia and Peter. Peter and Olivia. Olivia and Peter.
  • Peter and Walter!
  • And WTH? J.J. I will kill you with your twists. I swear. I'm along for the ride but I don't even know!

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